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Advertising is a billion dollar industry directing consumers to the products they need. Since the industry is so multi-faceted we chose to highlight sectors where we have had recent experience.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence is one of the best ways a corporation can measure the effectiveness of their competition's ads. Companies need to know how well their competitors are doing with certain campaigns or target audiences to be able to place their products effectively. In the past, advertising agencies have provided this valuable information to their customers but at great cost. The intensive process of editing spots from tape ("second generation dub"), categorizing, classifying and recording statistical information is all manual.

Based on the importance of competitive intelligence to the advertising industry and how manual the process of retrieving this information is to the ad agencies, we created the BDS solution. Our suite helps to automate much of the process involved in capturing spots from broadcast, first generation (best possible quality) and facilitates the identification, classification and recording of ad histories of these spots.

Program Pre-screening and Tracking

Program Pre-screening allows sponsors to know broadcast programming content before it airs so their advertising dollars are best spent. Our customer needed the right tool to help them with both the volume of information that they required to screen and the amount of data necessary to transmit to their clients. Our solution helped them track content reports including all areas of possible concern to the sponsors on network television.