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Corporate management

David J. Tuck (Chief Executive Officer)

David Tuck, founder of Celerasys Corporation, has 14 years of experience integrating systematic solutions and process controls in complex environments. David's leadership on projects in Sara Lee Corporation, Hanes de Mexico, Champion, Warnaco, and Maersk Logistics established Celerasys' methodology and work ethics. His reputation, industry knowledge and continued focus on new, innovative solutions addressing the gaps in typical supply-chain management have allowed Celerasys Corporation to provide our customers tangible results, measurable return on investment and an industry edge over their competition.

Daniel J. Cranston (Chief Technology Officer)

Dan has over 25 years of software design, development, and implementation experience. He has served as CIO and CTO of major corporations. Dan has successfully implemented advanced software systems at over 90 fortune 500 companies concerning all aspects of advanced planning, ERP, Supply chain, manufacturing, distribution and global logistics systems. Dan empowers the processes needed to meld complex application systems with machine infrastructure and the human element. He holds degrees in chemical engineering, economics, and computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

David J. LaPlante (Vice President of Business Development)

Dave has over 10 years of experience in developing strategic partnerships and corporate alliances. His anticipatory approach to customer service only enhances the relationships between Celerasys and its partners. Dave got his start in the golf and hospitality industries and brings a passion for exceeding clients’ expectations along with him. He excels in bridging the gap between marketing and operations, helping Celerasys and its partners turn obstacles and doubt into the possible and profitable. Dave holds a B.S. in Marketing from Ferris State University.

Ronald R. Krueger (Chief Operating Officer)

Ron has been developing commercial software for over 25 years. He has a long history of working on distributed applications in heterogeneous operating system and machine architecture environments. He spent 10 years in Digital Equipment Corporations real-time operating systems group, doing kernel support, device drivers and adding real-time extensions to Digital Unix. He has created and managed various departments: software development, quality assurance, customer support, documentation and computer operations. More recently Ron has been working with active and passive RFID and rapid software development tools and methodologies.

Michael J. McGuirk (Chief Financial Officer)

Michael McGuirk brings 15 years of software development and systems integration experience to Celerasys, the last five of which have been in the logistics and apparel industries. Michael played a key role in helping both Maersk Logistics and Warnaco successfully implement new shipment tracking solutions into their organizations. Additional experience includes ten years as a senior developer and product manager in the field of cross-compilers and debuggers, working for companies such as Analog Devices, Tasking and Intermetrics. Michael holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sarah J. Snider (Director of Administration)

Sarah Snider brings financial experience to Celerasys Corporation from the Banking Industry, working with a number of institutions in the New England area. Additionally, she adds to her experience with extensive knowledge in tax documentation and preparation. Sarah also has experience in Retail and Distribution, filling roles in customer service, floor management, replenishment and financial inventories.