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RFID or radio frequency identification is slowly but surely gaining momentum as a new standard for inventory control and tracking. Celerasys Corporation is on the forefront of the utilization of RFID in various capacities across a broad spectrum of industries. The key to successful implementation of RFID technology is in knowing its limitations as well as its capabilities. Understanding the environment and the composition of materials needed to be tracked enable Celerasys Corporation to provide optimum read rates and add more visibility to process / product flow.

Radio Frequency IDentification is a technology that can automatically and accurately identify items without requiring a direct line of sight.

The technology works by attaching an RFID tag to the item to be tracked. Each tag has a unique identification and a small radio transmitter. The tag informs RFID radio receivers within range of the unique identifier.

There are active RFID tags and passive RFID tags. Active tags have a battery, they periodically send out a tag identification transmission, typically once every couple of minutes. Passive tags do not contain a battery, the transmitter circuit is charged by being in close proximity to a passive RFID reader. The reader charges the passive tags which then, in turn, broadcasts their tag identification to the RFID reader.

The RFID readers make the tag identification data available to the enterprise information systems via the network.

Whether it is for compliance or enhanced visibility, Celerasys Corporation can implement the right RFID application while maximizing return on investment. For more information on how Celerasys Corporation can help your RFID needs or to see an RFID demonstration, please contact us today.