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Welcome to Celerasys, a process engineering firm dedicated to providing result oriented services in tracking technologies. Whether it is adding visibility to products moving across the globe or integrating information across multiple business platforms, Celerasys can help maximize the return on investment by deploying the right technology, services, and resources.

Celerasys builds competitive advantages in information technology in many aspects of the business function including planning, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, inventory control, compliance, and documentation. A wide variety of industries have taken advantage of Celerasys’ expertise ranging from healthcare to apparel manufacturing. Regardless of the industry, there is a common denominator involved whereby materials need to be accounted for and information needs to be documented and accessible.

Celerasys is able to bridge the gap between tracking systems and their diverse applications by applying our own methodology of understanding our clients' business, operational processes, and objectives. From there, we create a strategy for reaching the objective, apply the most efficient technology and document the outcome during each step of execution / implementation.