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BITS (Basic Inventory Tracking System)

The BITS solution is a complete warehouse management system designed to work with small to medium manufacturing and distribution operations. It enables businesses to receive inbound goods, track component parts ready for assembly and create finished goods shipments, including Manifest and Bill of Lading generation. The Basic Inventory Tracking System is the tool to help you get your facility's inventory optimized. For more information on BITS, please contact us today.

BDS© (Broadcast Detection/Identification System)

BDS is a multimedia processing suite that allows engineers to control video/audio encoder boards and capture multimedia broadcast. Most competitive intelligence services send their clients "second generation dub", which means that their clients get second quality media. BDS was designed to address this issue and empower Intelligence providers with the proper tool to give their customer first quality media and first quality service. For more information on BDS, please view our BDS product sheet. For further information, feel free to Contact Us.

CLMS (Celerasys Logistics Management Systems)

CLMS is a load planning software program that can be utilized by any distribution facility large or small. CLMS utilizes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to ensure correct loading of trucks, which inherently drives down the unexpected cost of distribution such as pallets left behind or loaded in the wrong order. This system verifies that your customers’ orders are shipped correctly the first time. The bottom line is a more efficient loading dock resulting in cost savings for you and a superior level of service for your customer. For further information, feel free to contact us.

Customized Applications

Since your business is unique there is no reason not to expect that certain objectives can only be attained via unique solutions. Many times customizations are required to really get the advantages you are seeking.

We integrate third-party applications according to best business practices as well as customized solutions that specifically fit our clients' needs. Our systems come complete with documentation and optional systems training all according to our customers' needs. We most commonly use but are not limited to hardware and software products provided by major vendors including Microsoft, DELL, Oracle, HP, IBM and Sun. Please contact us for further information.