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Our team has over 20 years experience working with all types of carriers, forwarders and brokers. Celerasys has developed tracking solutions to handle billions of dollars in global trade in multi-country environments including "Drop Shipment" programs that reduce operational costs by as much as 30%.


Now more than ever, US Customs regulations are becoming more strict. To compete in today’s economy, companies must make every information transfer as accurate as possible. In each stage of the logistics process, companies need to document movements and correctly classify and quantify their shipments. Increasing pressure to save money as a viable means for improving the bottom line make logistics and customs excellent areas where companies can realize cost and time savings.


As acting agent of the exporter, streamlined management of information is crucial. Your clients depend on you to facilitate products through foreign and domestic ports. The information system you use should be one of your and your clients' greatest assests. You depend on connectivity with his customers in order to maximize your service potential and assist your customers in avoiding regulatory and financial pitfalls while meeting their transport demands assuring cargo is intact and on time.

Celerasys has the ability to put the right information in the hands of the forwarder so schedules are met and compliance is maintained; the relationship between the forwarder and the customer is only as strong as their mode of sharing information.


Carriers are more than just a firm which transports goods or people. In today's marketplace, customers are looking for an information partner as well as a transportation partner. Service is being measured not only by the on time delivery of goods but the on time delivery of information related to those goods. As the global economy becomes more demanding, customers are needing additional routes and consolidation services. Inbound consolidation from vendors, make-bulk consolidation, outbound consolidation to customers, break-bulk consolidation are all excellent choices for customers who are looking for a solution that controls material flow into assembly and manufacturing plants. Coordinating demand and supply to the point where desired materials arrive just in time for use is crucial.

Celerasys' experience with product based companies gives us the knowledge and expertise necessary to help carriers increase their level of service to their customers and meet today's demand.