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Healthcare is expensive. Everybody knows that. In addition to the cost of providing patient care, hospitals in particular are burdened with the same type of operating costs associated with other industries such as logistics, manufacturing, retail, and even food & beverage. Hospitals need to effectively manage their own operating costs just like any other business. Waste, inefficiency, and obsolescence in healthcare play a major role in costs that seem to be spiraling out of control. With the proper controls in place, these areas can be greatly improved, thus saving a hospital potentially millions in operating costs without sacrificing the ideals of patient care. Celerasys has been helping healthcare facilities do just that by utilizing the most effective inventory control technology and processes. For more information on how Celerasys can help your organization with some of these issues and more, please contact us today.

Materials Management

Celerasys can automate the entire inventory cycle from purchase order to disposal with the proper documentation along the way. We offer the latest in inventory control using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology as well as “just in time” / “stockless” programs, and advanced planning technology custom tailored to your specific operation. For more information, please view our Hm2 product sheet.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Celerasys has extensive experience in the exchange of information across multiple platforms and interfaces. We specialize in providing the right EMR solution required which is unequaled in terms of documentation and HIPAA compliance.

Document Repository / Document imaging

Celerasys is an industry leader in the storage and retrieval of information. We offer the latest in technology to provide online access to documents and the bar-coding technology to effectively control and manage the entire process.


The healthcare industry is often slowed to a stand still with regulations and compliance issues. Our proven track record with the ongoing documentation of compliance allows the provider to focus more on patient care as well as decrease their own aspirin consumption.